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Wednesday, March 03, 2021
Serving those who've served this Country


"Wounded Warrior" Legislation

A Memorial Day Salute To Those Who've Served

A Sharp Decline In Black Enlistees

Access To Attorneys Becomes More Evident

Air Force To Fill In Army Ranks Due To Lack Of Personnel

Air Strikes In Somalia Target Al-Qaida

American GI's Continued To Die At Alarming Rates

American Legion National Commander Outraged Over Cong. Charles Rangel's Remark

Another Deadly Weekend For US Soldiers In Iraq

Army Begins Privatization Billing For Housing

Army Increases Age Limit For Recruits

Army Seeks To Develop New Brigades

Back from Iraq - and suddenly out on the streets

Black Pilots In WWII's Record Being Challenged

China Increases Military Power For Possible Showdown With US

China Seeks Power In Cyberspace

Cold Weather Training In Alaska

Concern For Lack Of Valor Medals Raises Serious Questions

Congress Seeks Change In GI Bill

Congressman Raises Military Draft Issue

Creation of New Web Site For Servicemembers' Rights

Defiant US Service Members Speak Out Against The War

Democrats Give President Bush An Ultimatum

Democrats Resists Troop Increase

Draft Agency Set To Test It's System

Draft Is Contemplated

Free Microsoft Tests Available

Groups Provide Homes For Disabled Vets

Healthcare for Servicemembers in Jeopardy

Homelessness Rising For Veterans

House Looking To Compromise On Legislation

Iran & Britain Prepare For A Lengthy Battle

Iran & Nuclear Proliferation Continues

Iraq Vet Elected to Run Illinois VA

JCS Chairman Vows Full Investigation Into Iraqi Deaths

Joint Chiefs Stand In Unison On Iraq Withdrawl

Joint Service Patrols Established For Security

Key Ports Deal Gone Unnoticed

Legislators Passes Bill For Multivitamins

Mandatory Involuntary Call Up For Marines In The IRR

Marines Readjust To Civilian Life

Medical Care For Vets

Military Base Closures

Military Members Keep Full Pension Through Divorce Proceedings

Military Stretched Thin To Take Additional Wars

Military Vets Continue Legal Battle For Their Lives

National Guard & Reserves Need More Funding For Mission Capabilities

National Guard Arrives For Reinforcement

New SECDEF Prepared To Take The Reins

New UN Secretary General To Replace The Outgoing Kofi Annan

North Korea Challenges US On Nuclear Missile Testing

North Korea Defiant with the United States

North Korea In Defiance Against US Sanctions

OPM Revises 10-point Veteran Preference

Pacific Fleet Secures New Tracking System To Detect Enemies

Payment for Traumatic Injuries

Pentagon Seeks To Increase Navy Build Up In Middle East

Ports Need Better Security Installed

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

President Bush Vetos Dems War Bill

President Bush's Contention With Congress Over The War's Timetable

President Bush's Troop Increase Faces Stiff Legislative Opposition

President Warns US Will Flex It's Muscle Against Iran

SECDEF Gates Gets An Ear Full From US Commanders On Strategy In Iraq

SecDef Pleas For Continued Funding For Iraq

SECDEF Resigns After DEMS Sweep In Mid-Term Elections

SecDef Signs Orders For More Troops To Deploy To Kuwait

Senate Votes to Keep Troops In Iraq

Sexual Abuse Amongst Military Recruiters On The Rise

SGLI Benefits To Families Become Retroactive

Stolen ID's From VA Feared Much Worse

Stress, A Lingering Hazard

Study Finds Combat Veterans Suffering From PTSD May Have Increased Risk Of Heart Attacks

The 2007 Military Pay Raises

The Battle Over Military Benefits

The Strains of Mental Illness On Troops In Combat

Tough Fight Awaits US Soldiers In Iraq

Troops Become Defiant Against The War

Two Trillion For Wars

UN Secretary General Requests A Complete Withdrawl By Israel

US, China At Odds Over Missile Being Destroyed In Space

VA Assures Some Level Of Credit Protection To Veterans

VA Denies Healthcare to Servicemembers

VA Miscalculates Health Care Needs For Vets

Veterans Continue To Suffer Lack Of Services From The VA

Veterans Health Care Act

Vets Health Care Benefits Being Cut Again

Vets Take Another Blow From VA Healthcare

Walter Reed Being Revamped After Firing General

Wounded Marines Given Chance To Reenlist