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Thursday, January 21, 2021
Serving those who've served this Country

Dr. Anthony B. Preston, PhD, JD, MBA, Board Member



     Anthony B. Preston was raised in South Carolina and quickly moved to New York City in 1981, where he acquired a knack for business by acquainting with various social and business entities getting noticed by Salomon Smith Barney, Inc. in 1984. He worked as a clerk for few years before being promoted to Assistant Vice President in 1988.


     With the extra workload, Anthony was able to manage a large staff of employees by using his skills to delegate various projects in corporate banking which enabled him to receive additional recognition for his work in trade support. This garnered him a closer rapport with various salesmen and traders alike. 


     After a years with Salomon Smith Barney, he sought new and challenging opportunities that were just on the horizon. With these new venues, Anthony flourished in various roles as a make-up artist, mortician, actor on off broadway shows such as "The Office" and fashionista of clothing and art. In these varying capacities, Anthony hasn't forgotten his initial love for business as all came full circle as part of the overall collective.


     He’s appeared in several magazines and worked closely with various talk shows. He has worked for the late Veronica Forbes of “Veronica’s Beautyrama” Hair shows, as a model and her personal make-up artist for over 25 years. He’s also worked with the likes of Sophia Davis of BTE television; a cabled program featuring cultural fashion and innovative make-up.


      Dr. Preston has also achieved extensive education in earning a Ph.D in Psychology and a Juris Doctorate (JD) in Public Policy and an MBA in Business Finance & Administration. He’s also certified as a mortician, working with several funeral homes across the Tri-State area. He also speaks fluent French.


     Dr. Preston currently resides in New York City.