Veterans Association of America, Inc.
Friday, January 22, 2021
Serving those who've served this Country


The Veterans Association of America, Inc. provides Placement Services to veterans in which two key elements of our Incentive Work model are our excellent employer relationships and our intensive follow-up support.
Our seasoned sales representatives compete amongst each other to place veterans in well-suited jobs. Performance bonuses are awarded to those who consistently make placements that work and placements that last.
In some cases, veterans are placed at companies for up to a six month training period, called Incentive Work, wherein employers pay veterans an hourly wage which is subsidized by the VAA.
During this critical period, we provide hands-on training at no cost; this helps improve our retention rates by getting veterans off to a strong start.
However, not all veterans engage in Incentive Work; some go directly onto to a company's payroll in unsubsidized positions. 
We look forward working with all local, state and federal authorities that seek to support our endeavors.