Veterans Association of America, Inc.
Sunday, April 05, 2020
Serving those who've served this Country



Veterans Association of America, Inc.
“Serving Those Who’ve Served This Country”

Dear Veterans:

     Welcome to the Veterans Association of America, Inc., a nonprofit organization that advocates and supports the preferential the rights of veterans and offer seven programs in legal, medical, employment outreach, housing, discharge upgrades, business ownership and family outreach services.

     The VAA knows that veterans needs a voice that will ultimately work toward the betterment of their families by raising concerns that effect them across all cultural, social and economic boundaries. Veterans in this country have become one of the highest unemployed entities in the continental United States. The numbers are beyond epidemic proportion and must be addressed.

     Statistically, veterans are the backbone of every community in which we live, but don’t receive the due recognition rightly deserved. The VAA seeks to become a proactive thought provoking participant representing veterans across the country. By combating issues that plague our coveted heroes, we’ll be at the forefront of all major concerns with our dedicated staff comprised of retired, active, National Guard and reserve service members representing all branches. This organization seeks to distinguish itself by advocating on your behalf.

     The VAA recognizes the rhetorical comments made by those claiming to support veterans, but do nothing, those that are in the position to fight on your behalf; but side step their efforts. It is important that all veterans affiliate with an organization promoting empowerment, self-sufficiency, housing, employment, adequate medical services, legal assistance, business ownership and family outreach that continues to be a marginalized statistic affecting every veteran in this country.

     With your support and membership enrollment we will make a difference and provide the necessities that continue to limit us in living the American dream.

Thank you and I look forward hearing from you as we continue to advance our support.


Raphael K. Works, PhD, DBA, MBA
Chairman, CEO & Founder