Veterans Association of America, Inc.
Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Serving those who've served this Country

Director of Legal Services (DLS)

The Director of Legal Services will have the unique responsibility to collect, gather, retrieve information and records of soldiers seeking resolve to current and past military action taken against them. He/She will report directly to the VP/LA as the divisional supervisor for assessment and evaluation.

He/She will ensure that all service members having performed in the armed forces shouldn’t have their civilian lives interrupted because of an incident that had taken place within the services. He/She will establish a databank of soldiers seeking legal assistance that has prevented them from living normal lives and seeking various employments.

The DLS will ensure that all service members receive optimum legal consultation and provide solutions to issues between he/she and the staff to work arduously helping alleviate any undo hardship that it may have caused during his or her trial and tribulations with the military.

If it proves that negligence on the branch of service the member was affiliated, then legal action shall be taken to resolve that indiscretion. The director and his/her staff will research all documents, materials, and information, then render a proper decision based on the findings assessed.

The DLS will work within the boundaries of the corporate structured legal guidelines, federal statues, and the organizations mission and vision for assisting veterans.

Requirements: Minimum BA required with 8-10 years experience legal research, military law, UCMJ guidelines and policies desired. Previous experience managing a legal staff with the ability to provide necessary training as needed. Advanced/professional degree (JD) desired.

Please e-mail your resume to Dr. Works with the word 'Resume' on the subject line and the position you are applying for. All positions are for current and former military veterans ONLY.