Veterans Association of America, Inc.
Friday, January 22, 2021
Serving those who've served this Country

Legal Services

The Veterans Association of America, Inc. provides Legal Services to all our service connected veterans. Everyone's issue is uniquely different and will be handled accordingly. We have qualified paralegals and attorneys that provide assistance in various areas of concentration that include: housing, employment, property disputes, intellectual property, UCMJ infractions, home ownership, wills, estate planning, power of attorneys, medical malpractice, and incarcerated veterans collectively.
Our dedicated staff will assess your case and make a determination on potential options you have moving forward. All services will require those to become members of our organization in order for us to initiate any assistance. Please keep in mind that we are a nonprofit organization seeking to provide the best of service to all our coveted heroes.
The VAA supports the legal rights of veterans across the country and abroad with a dedicated legal team that advocates for your preferential rights. Depending on the specific nature of each case, legal advisors will maintain strict confidentiality with each member by providing a thorough examination of the facts in determining potential outcomes.
We look forward working with local, state and federal authorities in assisting our efforts to provide legal services on a pro bono basis.
Please keep in mind that not all case will provide the potential results one may be seeking as a resolve to their concerns. The VAA will work to gain your trust, confidence and the ability to provide you with all available options.