Veterans Association of America, Inc.
Monday, January 18, 2021
Serving those who've served this Country

Discharge Upgrades

The Veterans Association of America, Inc. has had many request to assist service members with specific discharge upgrades due in part to a number of circumstances. Veterans are allowed to review their records and request upgrades in writing through each regional Dept. of Veterans Affairs located in each members state residence.
The VAA assists service members with the process by providing the information needed to advance their request. All cases are different and are handled confidentially to ensure the privacy of each member.
Not all cases will render a result each member is seeking as they will be advised of options moving forward. It is imperative for each veteran to have their DD214 available when requesting a review and potential upgrade.  
The VAA has qualified legal staff that will determine each case as expeditiously as possible. A thorough assessment will be initiated as a member of our staff will inform you of their findings. Service members that have (RE Codes) reenlistment codes that are RE 3 or higher will be evaluated with more intensive one-on-one case advisors.
The VAA believes that all current and former service members should not have a lifetime of impunity held against them from living and maintaining decent economic lives outsides of the military. We continue to advocate on behalf of veterans to change the current process of which has barred numerous service-connected members from gainful employment, credit cards, housing, and the ability to sustain them and their families from prosperity. 
Discharge Upgrades are an important part of helping veterans reestablish their lives, regain confidence, and reconnect with family in a very difficult economy.
We look forward working with local, state and federal authorities to assist and help remedy the current issues in due course.