Veterans Association of America, Inc.
Monday, January 18, 2021
Serving those who've served this Country

Business Ownership

The Veterans Association of America, Inc. offers various symposiums, forums and classes on business ownership including how to obtain and research opportunities to work for yourself. This service is provided solely to current and former military veterans only. All veterans must be registered with the organization in order to receive our service amenities.
Each year veterans to open their own businesses using the skills they've acquired through years of training, leadership courses, experience and simple financial & business management practices. 
The VAA seeks to help all service connected veterans reach their maximum potential in establishing a saavy business approach and acumen along with training aids that will guide them through the initial paperwork process.
We'll have experienced dedicated business advisors from various entities that will provide classes in helping guide you in creating a business proposal, set up financials, the wherewithal of helping select your industry of concentration, knowledge and ability to ascertain liquid capital, along with understanding various contract negotiations.
Setting up your own company takes time, due diligence and the patience to see it through to the end. Depending on the type of company one seeks to establish, everyone should always have an outline of what they're looking to create. It's vitally important to see your company on paper, but another to see it physcially in action.
We look forward working with local, state and federal authorities in helping us establish the funding opportunities associated with this program. All those who seek to dedicate their time and expertise, please contact our main office number @ (800) 590-2173 to extend a helping hand to our coveted heroes.