Veterans Association of America, Inc.
Monday, January 18, 2021
Serving those who've served this Country

Employment Outreach Services

The Veterans Association of America, Inc. works with numerous companies that are seeking to hire military veterans transition from the battlefield to corporate America. Our veterans are some of the most highly skilled in various areas such as: Language Experts, Medical Technicians, Administrative Clerks & Supervisors, Security Consultants/Contractors, Engineers, Water Purificators, Legal Clerks, Senior Executives, Middle Management, Entry Level, Medical Sales, Advanced Medical Practitoners, etc. We help them locate positions with companies and/or refer them out to affiliate organizations that can best utilize their expertise.
Employment Outreach Services doesn't stop once they're on the job, we continue to follow up with them and the company to ensure veterans match the experience of which that employer is seeking. We provide educational training enhancement to ensure every veteran meets the minimum requirements requested of each position.
We also assess each veteran's skill set to determine what may be needed to further their goals along with past training certificates. All training achieved in services schools and elsewhere will be evaluated through various military friendly schools for additional college credits.
Our Case Managers & Job Developers deliver the highest quality of professional and personal care in reviewing each service member's records by asking what specific goals they'd like to set.
We provide the necessary care needed to accommodate their interest along with our case managers & job developers, who collectively with the veteran, put together a strategic plan in helping attain their goals. We understand that each veteran has different needs and try to accommodate them respectively.
The VAA reaches out to various organizations that seek to hire veterans and eventually work with those who are conscious about fulfilling such employment vacancies. In addition to helping our coveted heroes, the VAA has established job openings directly within the organization of which all veterans can apply.
We look forward working with local, state, and federal authorities procure funding intiatives in assisting our efforts.