Veterans Association of America, Inc.
Monday, January 18, 2021
Serving those who've served this Country

Family Outreach Services

The Veterans Association of America, Inc. has established family outreach services dedicated to all families of current and former military veterans who have sacrificed their lives for this country while putting their families on hold. Those seeking assistance must be the immediate family members of veterans.
The VAA seeks to develop comprehensive assistance that includes: peer interaction, nutritional upkeep, therapeutic counseling, behavioral intervention, substance related disorders, anger management, conflict resolution, social & professional capacity building, educational evaluation and self imaging assessment.
Our dedicated team of professions will embrace the challenge in support of those families that have been assessed as having the greatest hardships. We will offer the most intensive therapeutic services to those children and adults with diagnostic indicators of trauma determined the most severe. 
The VAA offers interactive group sessions that allow people to openly discuss their concerns as well as providing individual counseling to families that need more intensive independent therapy (IIT).
Our variety of services offered will provide comprehensive outreach in helping those family members get the rehabilitation they rightfully deserve.
We welcome all professionals willing to offer their expertise as well as local, state and federal authorities by the procurance of funding initiatives to further our program in due course.